Federal Employee Retirement and Benefits Analysis

Federal Employee Retirement and Benefits Analysis

We educate federal employees about their unique and complex federal retirement and benefits. Retirement planning is critical in these uncertain times. We can help you evaluate all of your available options. Our focus is on helping you make choices that are appropriate for your financial situation. Our Federal Employee Retirement and Benefits Analysis includes a 50 page report that covers the following topics:

Estimate Retirements for:

FERS (includes RAE & FRAE)
CSRS Offset
FERS Transfer
MRA +10
Regular (Voluntary)
Early Out – VERA (Optional)
Special Provisions (Mandatory)
Federal Employees
Postal Employees
Law Enforcement Officers
Air Traffic Controllers

Retirement Eligibility:

One-click earliest retirement date estimate

Creditable Service:

Calculate/estimate future creditable service time
Calculate/estimate sick leave service time
Military service time – option to recalculate SCD

High 3 Average :

Calculate/Estimate High 3 average at retirement
Option to manually enter High 3


Calculate/estimate deposit, costs & penalties
Calculate/estimate redeposit, costs & penalties

Survivor Benefits:

Calculate/estimate monthly & annual annuity
Survivor Benefit: election options, benefits & costs
Calculate/estimate accumulated costs of survivor benefit

Delayed Retirement (not Deferred):

Estimate delayed retirement annuities


Calculate/Estimate COLA increases in retirement

FERS Supplement:

Calculate/Estimate FERS Supplement

Social Security:

Calculate/Estimate Social Security benefits

CSRS Offset:

Calculate/Estimate CSRS Offset annuity
Calculate/Estimate social security with COLA

Thrift Savings Plan:

Detailed entries for: Existing Savings, Contributions (including govt. match & catch up), Rates of Return & Withdrawal Age
Detailed Estimates for Contributions, Growth (including compound interest) & Withdrawal

Detailed TSP Analysis Capabilities:

Compare effects of changing fund allocations
Examine long term growth impacts from compound interest
Explore multiple withdrawal options

TSP Withdrawal Options:

Lump Sum
Monthly Payments Options: Life Expectancy & Specific Dollar Amount

Life Insurance:

Calculate/Estimate FEGLI benefits & costs: Basic, Options A, B & C

Health Insurance:

Calculate/Estimate FEHB costs – Monthly, Annually, Accumulative

Long Term Care Insurance:

Calculate/Estimate benefits & costs of FLTCIP

Outside Sources of Income:

TSP Rollovers, Pensions, Rental Property, Spousal Income, Jobs after Retirement, Other Taxable & Non-Taxable Income

Income Analysis:

Compare income from last 30 days of work vs first 30 days in retirement

Government Sources of Income:

Salary, Annuity, FERS Supplement, Social Security, TSP

Outside Sources of Expenses:

Living Expenses – Summarized or Itemized

Government Sources of Expenses:

Retirement Penalties, Survivor Benefit, FEGLI, FEHB, LTC, Taxes

Income & Expense Comparisons:

Other Income & Expenses
Government Income & Expenses
All Income & Expenses


50+ page Retirement Benefits Analysis Report