Estate Planning Services

Need an Estate Plan?

We have developed a relationship where our office can coordinate information to help provide you with an estate plan (including a revocable trust, will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and other documents) in a time efficient and cost effective manner. Your estate plan is then prepared and reviewed in two business days by leading industry professionals (estate planners/attorneys) to give you a professional estate plan.

Already have an Estate Plan? NO PROBLEM!

Even if you are in the minority of families that has completed their estate plan, this relationship can review your existing documents and provide a list of follow up questions to see if it is up to date. If you know that a number of things have changed, this system can complete brand new documents for you while using your existing trust name and date (this prevents having to re-register assets already in the trust).

Who can use this system?

We estimate that approximately 75% of estate plans are appropriate for this system. If you are disinheriting children, feel like you have heirs that will litigate after your death, or have extremely unusual beneficiary needs, this system will NOT be for you. Hampton Tax and Financial Services LLC can refer you to one of our local estate planning attorneys for these needs.

If you have a young and growing family that wants to provide for your children in a responsible manner (spacing out distributions over time), this system is for you.

If you have put off doing your estate plan for YEARS because of cost, logistics in meeting with an attorney, or a simple lack of desire to talk about the inevitable, this system is for you.The system can also handle situations where you may have a special needs child or a child who is not financially responsible.

What information do I need to provide?

The system will need to know the answers to five major questions:

(1) Beneficiaries – Who is going to get everything?

(2) Method of Distribution – How are the beneficiaries going to get everything (ages, no restrictions, etc.)?

(3) Trustee/Executor/Power of Attorney – Who will make financial decisions for you if you cannot?

(4) Health Care – Who will make health care decisions for you if you cannot?

(5) Guardian – Who will have physical custody of minor children?

Sample answers and ways of thinking are provided in an Introduction to Estate Planning document that Hampton Tax and Financial Services LLC can provide.

I’m interested! Now what?

Contact Hampton Tax and Financial Services LLC at 404-482-3170 and we can provide you with more information to get your affairs in order!